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Often hard to assess interfertility can these

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Unformatted text preview: oblems with the BSC 1.Often hard to assess interfertility Can these interbreed? Do they? Marsupial mole: endemic to Australia Eastern mole: ranges over most of U.S. 40 40 Problems with the BSC 2. Can’t be applied to: - asexually reproducing species - extinct species Trilobites Amoeba proteus Entamoeba histolytica Same species? 41 41 Problems with the BSC 3. Viable Hybrids - Some species produce viable, robust hybrids. Some hybrids can even be MORE robust Liger Beefalo 42 42 General pattern: most species are readily identifiable but some species are less easily defined Ernst Mayr: “Do we abandon the concept of day and night because they merge at dawn and dusk”? 47 47 Geographic variation within species – subspecies or varieties • occur in different areas • are distinctive 48 48 2 Basic Patterns of speciation 1. Anagenesis Change within a lineage 2. Cladogenesis Lineage splitting • Over time, one spp transforms into another • Transformation of one ancestral spp into >1 descendant spp • Olde...
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