Ch 26 - Phylogeny and the tree of life (1 slide per page)-2

6 inquiry figure 2614 maximum likelihood figure 2615

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Unformatted text preview: 14 (maximum likelihood) • Figure 26.15 (Research Method) • Section 26.4 (and Figure 26.18) • Section 26.5 (and Figure 26.19-26.20) • In general: – You are NOT responsible for definitions of terms or sections included in the text but which were not discussed in lecture – You are not responsible for the details of examples used in the text but not discussed in lecture. HOWEVER, these additional examples will help your understanding of concepts discussed and may be used on exams to test if you understand the general concepts. – You ARE responsible for material covered in lecture but not included in the readings 81 81 Next Chapter Chapter 19 – Viruses...
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