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Reptiles aves birds 12 12 orders in class mammalia in

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Unformatted text preview: in Class Mammalia in USA Domain (Eukarya) (Rodentia) (Sciuridae) (Sciurus) Species Rodentia Marsupialia (Opossum) Insectovora (Shrews, moles) Chiroptera (Bats) Lagomorpha (Rabbits, hares) Cetacea (Whales, dolphins) Carnivora (Dogs, foxes, wolves, bears, raccoons, ringtails, coati, weasels, mink, martin, fisher, wolverines, badgers, skunks, otters, lynx, jaguars, cougar) Pinnipedia (Seals, sea lions) Perissodactyla (Horse - exotic) Artiodactyla (Pigs, peccaries, deer, elk, moose, caribou, pronghorns, bison, mountain sheep, mountain goat) 13 13 Domain (Eukarya) (Rodentia) (Sciuridae) (Sciurus) Species Families of Order Rodentia in USA Sciuridae Heteromyidae (Pocket mice, Kangaroo mice) Geomyidae (Pocket gophers) Aplodontidae (Sewellel)(aka Mountain Beaver) Castoridae (Beaver) Zapodidae (Jumping mice) Muridae (Old World rats and mice - exotic) Cricetidae (Rice rats, deer mice, cotton rats, voles, lemmings, etc.) Capromyidae (Nutria) Erethizontidae (Porcupine) 14 14 Genera in Family Sciuridae in USA: Domain (Eukarya) (Rodentia) (Sciuridae) (Sciurus) Species Sciurus Tamiasciurus (red squirrels) Tamias/Eutamias (chipmunks) Marmota (woodchuck, marmots) Thomomys/ (pocket gopher) Cynomys (prairie dogs) Citellus/Spermophilus (ground squirrels) Glaucomys (flying squirrels) 15 15 Species of genus Sciurus in USA Domain (Eukarya) (Rodentia) (Sciuridae) (Sciurus) Species S. carolinensis (eastern gray squirrel) S. griseus (western gray sq...
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