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10 2 4 campbell et al 61 double fertilization in ovule

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Unformatted text preview: 10 (2, 4) (Campbell et al.) 61 Double fertilization • In ovule, egg develops from 1 cell of the female gametophyte (NO Archegonium) • Pollen tube (w/ 2 sperm) grows into ovule • 1st sperm fertilizes egg zygote formation. • 2nd sperm fertilizes another cell of the female gametophyte endosperm formation (embryo food supply) Double fertilization ONLY occurs in angiosperms. Figure 30.10 (3, 5) (Campbell et al.) 62 Fruit Development Once the egg is fertilized, the surrounding ovary wall thickens forming a fruit. Seed = Embryo (2n) + endosperm (2n) + seed coat Fruit = seed + thickened wall of ovary 63 Fruit Structure Pericarp: • Thickened wall of fruit • Develops from ovary wall Soft pericarp Hard pericarp Figure 30.8 (Campbell et al) 65 Fruit & Dispersal Winged fruits: wind-dispersed Fleshy & often colorful Fruits with hard seeds: Dispersed INSIDE Animals Light seeds with hooked Structures: dispersed ON animals Figure 30.9 (Campbell et al) 66 Coconuts Long distance marine dispersal Huge, floating, energy packed seeds 67 Amazon floodplain forests: flooded for up to six months: trees fruit during ‘high water’ : water dispersal 68 Seed dispersal by fishes seed predation by fishes 78 Readings on which you will NOT be tested Fossil Angiosperms (on pg. 628) Evolutionary links between angiosperms and animals (pg. 632) Section 30.4 Figure 30.16 In general: – You are NOT responsible for definitions of terms or sections included in the text but which were not discussed in lecture – You are not responsible for the details of examples used in the text but not discussed in lecture. HOWEVER, these additional examples will help your understanding of concepts discussed and may be used on exams to test if you understand the general concepts. – You ARE responsible for material covered in lecture but not included in the readings 79 Next Chapter Chapter 32 – An Overview of Animal Diversity...
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