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Ch 30 - Plant Diversity II (1 slide per page)-1

6 campbell et al 47 dispersal wind water animals

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Unformatted text preview: & GERMINATION FERTILIZATION Figure 30.6 (Campbell et al.) 47 Dispersal (wind, water, animals) Germination - Grows into mature sporophyte After dormancy lasting days to millennia! 48 Summary of Gymnosperm Life Cycle Sporophyte dominant Heterosporous Spores retained within sporangium Offspring disperse as seeds No antheridia; archegonia reduced Don’t need water film (except gingko and cycads) Nonmotile sperm (except gingko and cycads) 50 Angiosperms (flowering plants) 51 Xylem components Secret of Success: Specialized Tissues Flowers Fruit Flower Structure & Function 52 Sepals: Protect flower bud Petals: Attract pollinators Stamens (=microsporophylls): - sporangia in anther - produce spores gametophyte sperm Carpels (=megasporophylls): - Contains ovary w/ ovules - Produce megaspores Megagametophyte eggs 1 or more fused carpels = pistil Figure 30.7 (Campbell et al.) 53 Angiosperm Diversity ~100 spp ~8k spp ~70k spp ~170k spp 54 Magnoliids avocado cinnamon Black pepper vines Nutmeg = seed Mace = seed covering 55 Monocots Eudicots 56 Characteristic traits: Monocots ~1/4 of angiosperms e.g. grasses, palms, lilies vs. Eudicots ~2/3 of angiosperms e.g. roses, peas, oaks Figure 30.13 (Campbell et al) 58 Angiosperm Life Cycle No antheridia or archegonia! Figure 30.10 (Campbell et al.) Male Gametophyte 59 Only 2 cells: tube cell, generative cell vs. 4 cells in pine vs. many cells in non-seed plants A microsporangium Microspore → male gametophyte 60 Pollination 1. Pollen lands on sticky stigma 2. Tube cell forms pollen tube: grows down through style 3. Generative cell divides into 2 sperm *Like gymnosperms, sperm are not produced in an antheridium Figure 30....
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