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Wall similar peroxisome enzyme similar sperm similar

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Unformatted text preview: ll wall, similar peroxisome enzyme, similar sperm, similar cell division process Chloroplasts containing chlorophyll a & b and β-carotene, Synthesize and store starch inside chloroplasts Angiosperms 31 Gymnosperms Defining trait: • Seeds not enclosed in ovaries (“naked” seed) •4 Ginkgophyta Cycadophyta clades Gnetophyta Coniferophyta 32 Gymnosperms: Adaptations to dry conditions Needles Thick, leathery leaves 33 Gymnosperms: Adaptations to dry conditions Pine leaf (c.s.) Thick, waxy cuticle Sunken stomata Relatively few stomata 34 Ginkgophyta (1 species) • Only one extant species in this phylum! • Extinct in wild? • Male trees commonly used as ornamentals • Deciduous - Drop all leaves seasonally • Dioecious, - ♂ and♀plants are separate • Flagellated sperm Ginkgo biloba 35 Cycadophyta (~130 species) • Look like palms, w/ large cones in center Male cone • Flourished during Mesozoic era “Age of Dinosaurs/Cycads” • Tropical distribution • Dioecious • Flagellated sperm Cycads & ginkgos = only seed plants w/ flagellated sperm (found in all non-seed plants) Female cone 37 Gnetophyta (~80 species) • Includes 3 genera w/ no clear morphological synapomorphies. • Have similarities in their vascular tissue to angiosperms (i.e. vessel elements) Welwitschia Gnetum: fleshy seeds (not fruit!) Ephedra: source of ephedrine 38 Coniferophyta (~600 species) Pines, redwoods, firs, juniper, etc Douglas Fir Figure 30.5 (Campbell et al) 39 Male cone Microsporophylls w/ Microsporangium w/ Microspores - Develop into pollen grain - ♂ gametophyte enclosed in sporopollenin wall sporophylls microsporangium Pollen grains, w/immature male gametophytes 40 Pollen Immature male gamet...
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