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Unformatted text preview: gure 37.13 (Campbellet al.) 49 Symbiosis: Lichens Lichens Fungus (usually ascomycota) - supplies H2O & shelter & autotroph (green algae or cyanobacteria) - supplies sugars Figure 31.24 (Campbell et al.) 50 Symbiosis: Lichens Lichens • Ecological importance? • Food • Rock / trunk colonizers • Soil formation Symbiosis: Ambrosia fungus/ Ambrosia beetle 52 Species: ~50+?? Supplies: food to beetle All spp are reliant on ambrosia beetles for dispersal (in mycangia) and sometimes nutrition Symbiosis: Ambrosia fungus/ Ambrosia beetle 53 Species: ~50+?? ~1400-3000 Supplies: food to beetle habitat, dispersal, nutrition - larvae reliant on fungus - some adult spp reliant on fungal mycelia - store and feed spores in mycangia Symbiosis: Ambrosia fungus/ Ambrosia beetle 54 Mycangia for storing and transporting fungus 1. Transport fungi in mycangia 2. Some mycangia have glands to supply nutrition to fungi 3. Some spp don’t have mycangia and transport spores in gut 4. Some spp “steal” fungus by boring holes next to others so the fungus grows in these holes (Small steals fungus from large beetle). 55 Symbiosis: Basidiomycota fungus & Termites • Forager worker termite chews up wood & inoculates w/ fungal spores from gut • Pass slurry to nest workers who form fungus comb. 56 Symbiosis: Basidiomycota fungus & Termites - Receives: proper habitat and protection • As fungus grows it breaks down cellulose & lignin • Termites can now eat this compost • Fungus benefits by proper habitat (likes acidic high CO2 environment) and protection • Termites benefit by composting of wood to make edible food (They do NOT digest wood!). Composting 57 Symbiosis: Basidiomycota fungus & Termites People benefit because mushroom will grow which is a pri...
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