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4 campbell et al 16 habitats of fungi 1 mostly

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Unformatted text preview: y from cells w/o using enzymes Figure 31.4 (Campbell et al.) 16 Habitats of Fungi 1. Mostly terrestrial - moist, o2 rich 2. Many live in or on other organisms (i.e. parasitic) - e.g. rusts, ringworm, athletes foot, yeast… 3. Some aquatic… - including the “chytrids” that are implicated in many frog deformities and population declines 17 Life history and reproduction Different spp reproduce sexually, asexually, or both 18 Unicellular fungi reproduce asexully via budding Outgrowths of parent pinch off to form separate individual Asexual Budding Figure 31.7 (Campbell et al.) 19 3 types of multicellular sexual reproduction in different Eukaryotes 1. Haploid Dominant 2. Diploid Dominant 3. Alternation of Generations REVIEW: Sexual life cycles (Ch 13) 20 REVIEW: Sexual life cycles (Ch 13) Haploid Dominant Sexual Life Cycle Fungi are primarily haploid organisms w/ a brief diploid phase during sexual reproduction Haploid Dominant • Occurs in fungi & some protists • ONE multicellular stage w/ all HAPLOID cells • Gametes produced via mitosis • Zygote produced via fertilization (aka syngamy) • only diploid stage • Spores produced via meiosis • Single cell w/ protective coating See Fig. 13.6 (Campbell et al.) • Spores germinate & grow into haploid multicellular mycelium 21 Haploid Dominant vs Diploid Dominant Haploid Dominant One multicellular stage w/ all HAPLOID cells Fertilization (aka syngamy) Fertilization (aka syngamy) Diploid Dominant • One multicellular stage w/ all DIPLOID cells • No spore stage • Occurs in animals and some protists See Fig. 13.6 (Campbell et al.) 22 Generalized reproduction in multice...
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