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5 campbell et al some sexual only 23 generalized

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Unformatted text preview: llular fungi Some both sexual & asexual Some asexual only Figure 31.5 (Campbell et al.) Some sexual only 23 Generalized ASEXUAL reproduction in multicellular fungi • Mycelium (n) forms spore-producing structures • Cells in spore-producing structures undergo mitosis asexual spores (n) • Spores germinate and undergo mitosis to form new mycelium Figure 31.5 (Campbell et al.) Generalized SEXUAL reproduction in multicellular fungi 24 • Different mating strains’ hyphae brought together by pheromones and fuse (plasmogamy) •Plasmogamy = fusion of cytoplasm but not the nuclei • Results in heterokaryotic (n+n) hypha (i.e. cells contain multiple haploid nuclei from different individuals) • Hours, days, decades or centuries later the nuclei (n) fuse (Karyogamy) forming the zygote (2n) • Zygote undergoes meiosis forming structures that produce sexual spores (n) • Spores are dispersed, germinate, & grow into a new mycelium Figure 31.5 (Campbell et al.) 25 Disperse primarily w/ airborne spores • generated by mitosis (asexual) or meiosis (sexual) 26 Disperse primarily w/ airborne spores Giant puffball: Calvatia gigantea • Up to 1.5 m diameter and 20 kg. • Up to 5 trillion spores! 28 Diversity Zygote fungi 5 clades recognized (food mold) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Sac fungi (Includes yeasts) Club fungi Figure 31.11 (Campbell et al) 29 1. Chytrids ~1000 species • Oldest lineage of fungi • Some single- & others multi-cellular • Occur in almost all H2O & soil • Have motile spores (zoospores) w/ a posterior flagellum • Some decomposers, parasites...
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