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Basidiomycetes gill basidium basidiospore see figure

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Unformatted text preview: Includes shelf fungi & typical white mushrooms • Septate hyphae • Sexual spores produced in fruiting body (basidiocarp) in club-shaped basidia Fly agaric Puffball Shelf fungus 37 5. Basidiomycetes Gill Basidium Basidiospore See Figure 31.19 (Campbell et al) but DO NOT need to remember all details of this lifecycle 38 Impact of Fungi • Recycle nutrients • Plant & animal pathogens • Commercial/medical uses • Symbiosis w/other organisms 39 Decomposers • Recycle carbon, nitrogen etc. to soil and air – break down cellulose, lignin and keratin • Fungi, bacteria and a few protists breakdown cellulose • Only fungi breakdown lignin and keratin 40 Plant pathogens (About 30% of fungal species) Corn leaf blight Chestnut blight Barley powdery mildew Rice blast Wheat leaf blotch Dutch elm disease Wheat rust Barley blotch Canola stem rot and many more Dutch elm disease: killed ~200 million trees in N. America & U.K. 41 Animal Pathogens Mycosis = fungal infection ~50 known diseases in humans Ringworm Diaper rash 42 Animal Pathogens Mycelium of the human pathogenic fungus Tinea pedis 43 Animal Pathogens Candida albicans: Common yeast infection “thrush” Oral candidiasis is an Indicator infection in AIDS Oral thrush in AIDS patient, 45 Animal Pathogens Cordyceps unilateralis Fungal parasites of ants and other rainforest insects Ascomycete fungi (sac fungi) that includes about 400 described species 46 Commercial uses Roquefort & blue cheeses baking & brewing Aspergillus citric acid for colas 47 Medical uses Penicillium 48 Symbiosis: Mycorrhizae Fungus - supplies water and minerals Plant - Supplies sugar Endomycorrhiza (aka arbuscular) Ectomycorrhiza See Fi...
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