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Ch 40 - animal form and function (3 slides per page)

Long term torper 2 estivation long term torper in

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Unformatted text preview: Cortes and M Rosenmann. 2005. Energetics, thermoregulation and torpor in the Chilean mouse-opossum Thylamys elegans (Didelphidae). Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 78: 199-206. 49 Energy Conservation B. Long-term Torper 2. Estivation - long term torper in response to heat and H2O scarcity Belding’s Ground squirrel (Spermophilus beldingi) Figure 40.21 (Campbell 8th ed) Caimen Lungfish fossil 50 56 Animal Function Thermoregulation Maintenance of internal temperature within tolerable range Two Basic Questions Does temp vary? (1) How do organisms use energy? Where is heat from? (2) How do organisms cope with changing environment? - Regulation Ectotherm Body heat derived from environment Endotherm Body heat derived from own metabolism Poikilotherm Body heat varies w/ ambient temp Homeotherm Body heat remains constant Most organisms, invertabrates, fish, amphibs, reptiles Many smaller oceanic fish Many subterranean rodents Most birds & mammals ***None of these terms indicate what the internal temperature of the organism is. 57 58 Thermoregulation Organisms exchange (+/-) heat with environment by : conduction, convection, radiation, and evaporation How to thermoregulate: Insulation Fat, fur, feathers Radiation Transfer (+/-) of heat via electromagnetic waves Evaporation Removal of heat by change from liquid to gas Convection Transfer (+/-) of heat via movement of air or H2O past the organism Conduction Transfer (+/-) of heat by direct contact of solids Figure 40.11 (Campbell 9th ed) 59 How to thermoregulate: Evaporative cooling 60 How to thermoregulate: Behavior Figure 40.13 (Campbell 9th ed) 61 How to thermoregulate: 62 How to t...
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