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Plasma various mobile cell types figure 405 campbell

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Unformatted text preview: teoblasts) • Strong yet flexible and cushions (vert disks) • Fibers: none • ECM: liquid How many main types? (plasma) • Various mobile cell types Figure 40.5 (Campbell 9th ed) 29 Connective Tissue: 30 Muscle Tissue Contractile tissue responsible for most body movement Diseases Types: 3 main types - Vitamin C deficiency - Prevents collagen synthesis - In primates, guinea pigs etc Morphology: • Tightly packed cells • Elongated cells (aka fibers) • Unbranched or branched • Single or multiple nuclei Function: • Movement • Contract due to nerve signals Figure 40.5 (Campbell 9th ed) Muscle tissue + connective tissue + nerves + blood vessels = an organ called a “muscle” 31 32 3 types of muscle tissue: A. Skeletal 3 types of muscle tissue: B. Smooth • Long, wide, || cells • Multiple nuclei on edges • Striated • Small tapered cells • 1 nucleus • Not striated; • Voluntary • involuntary • Location: • Location: • In walls of blood vessels digestive tract, urinary bladder, reproductive tract •Function: digestion, circulation, reproduction • Attached to bones by tendons • Function: • Primarily used for movement Is the diaphragm controlled by skeletal or smooth muscle? What about the urinary bladder? Figure 40.5 (Campbell 9th ed) 33 Figure 40.5 (Campbell 9th ed) 34 3 types of muscle tissue: C. Cardiac Nervous Tissue Types: discussed later • Long, branched cells Axon Morphology • 2 general classes of cells: • Neurons • 1 nucleus • Transmit electrochemical signals • Cell body, axon, dendrite • Striated • Glia • involuntary Cell body • Various types which function in:...
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