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limits range and habitat types amniotes 65 reptiles

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Unformatted text preview: or lungs • External & internal fertilization • All newts are salamanders but not all salys are newts. Caecilians •Tropical •Legless •Burrowing & aquatic •Internal fertilization 64 Class Amphibia Reproduction still tied to water! - Limits range and habitat types Amniotes 65 Reptiles (including birds) + Mammals Limbs w/ digits Figures 34.2 and 34.21 (Campbell et al) 66 Amniotes • Adaptations to allow independence from H2O and to avoid desiccation • Internal fertilization • Eggs have shells or develop internally • Extraembryonic membranes • Waterproof skin (integument) • Scales – folds in the epidermis hardened by keratin (vs. from dermis in fish and sharks) 67 4 Extraembryonic membranes surround embryo Amnion:protects and provides shock absorption Allantois: disposal sac for wastes; also functions as a respiratory organ Chorion: functions as a respiratory organ (gases diffuse freely across shell) Yolk sac: stockpile of nutrients for the embryo Figure 34.26 (Campbell et al) 68 5 extant lineages of REPTILES † extant extant † † † extant † † extant extant extant † = Extinct Figure 34.24 (Campbell et al) 69 Turtles ~ 300 living species, • Aquatic and terrestrial • Many highly endangered. Some are giant: All tortoises are turtles but not all turtles are tortoises 70 Crocodilia Crocodiles, alligators, caimans, gharials Only 23 species American Alligator Alligator mississippiensis Indian Gharial Gavialis gangeticus All alligators are crocodilians but not all crocodilians are alligators Saltwater Crocodile Crocodylus porosus Grows to 8 m long 71 Lepidosaurs Tuataras, snakes and lizards • Approximately 8,000 species • All w/ internal fertilization •Eggs and live birth Tuataras 2 species: New Zealand Snakes Lizards ~3400 spp • Terrestrial, aquatic, arboreal, fossorial ~5800 spp • Terrestrial, arboreal, fossorial (1 aquatic) 72 REPTILES INCLUDE THE BIRDS •Birds are the last living dinosaurs •Derived from lineage that included Tyrannosaurus rex) 73 Clear fossil transition series Series of lineages (all extinct) showing intermediate stag...
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