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6campbell 9th ed 51 terrestrial biomes a collection

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Unformatted text preview: air flows over mountains causing dessert on leeward side Figures 52.6(Campbell 9th ed) 51 Terrestrial Biomes A collection of worldwide regions with similar climatic conditions and thus similar vegetation adapted to specific climates Characterized by: A) dominant vegetation and B) vegetation structure Figure 52.9 (Campbell 9th ed) 52 Terrestrial Biomes Tropical Rainforest Location: Near equator Climate: Temperature: High w/ little seasonal variation Precipitation: High w/ little to moderate seasonal variation Dominant vegetation: Broadleaf evergreen trees Vegetation structure: Tightly spaced w/ many layers Figure 52.21 (Campbell 8th ed) 53 Terrestrial Biomes Tropical Dry Forest Location: About 10o N/S of equator Climate: Temperature: High w/ little seasonal variation Precipitation: Fairly high w/ a lot of seasonal variation (6-7 month dry season) Dominant vegetation: Broadleaf deciduous trees and grasses Vegetation structure: Moderately spaced w/ few layers 54 Temperature and rainfall amount and pattern shape terrestrial biomes e.g. Tropical rainforest & tropical dry forest both hot year-round but differ in rainfall: (A) amount; (B) pattern Figure 52.20 (Campbell 8th ed) 56 Disturbance (e.g. fire, wind) further shapes terrestrial biomes Temperate Broadleaf Forest Similar climates (averages & pattern) but differ in frequency of fire Temperate Grassland Grassland fire suppression can result in conversion to forest (or vice versa) 59 Chapter 52 Study Guide Skip: Global Climate Patterns (1147-1148) Figures 52.4 and 52.5 (1147-1148) Global Climate Change (1149-1150) Figures 52.7 and 52.8 (1150) Biomes Only need to know the details presented in lecture 60 NEXT Chapter 53: Population Ecology...
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