Ch 52- ecology (1 slide per page)

Ch 52 ecology(1 slide per page)

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Unformatted text preview: Mass extinctions • Hunting • Habitat destruction 11 Abiotic and Biotic Factors Biotic Predator/ Prey Competitors Mutualism Abiotic • Chemical • Geological • Physical Factors associated with soil, water, air, temperature, and sunlight 12 Biotic factors can affect distribution Biotic Factor: competition Sage (Salvia) use chemicals to inhibit the growth of other vegetation with which it competes for resources (e.g. water, minerals, sunlight) 13 Biotic factors can affect distribution Biotic Factor: Herbivory Does herbivory limit seaweed distribution and if so, how? • Almost no seaweed grew in areas where both urchins and limpets were present • Removing both limpets and urchins or removing only urchins increased seaweed cover dramatically • Urchins have the greatest effect on seaweed cover though limpets also have an effect. • Why does removing limpets only not have an effect? Figure 52.20 (Campbell 9th ed) 14 Abiotic factors can affect distribution • Precipitation • Temperature • Sunlight • Wind • Soil/ water salinity • Soil/ water pH • Soil mineral composition • Substrate structure • Fire e.g. sand vs. dirt, loosly vs tightly packed European Starling Sturnus vulgaris Florida sand skink Neoseps reynoldsi High tolerance = wide distribution Narrow tolerance = narrow distribution 15 Biotic & Abiotic factors jointly determine organism distribution & abundance Tansley’s common garden experiment - Each species has its own preferred soil pH - When grown alone both are capable of growing on either soil but survive better on their preferred soil - When grown together ultimately only 1 surviv...
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