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Its preferred soil galium sylvestre galium saxatile

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Unformatted text preview: es due to being a better competitor on its preferred soil Galium sylvestre Galium saxatile 17 History and Dispersal affect distribution Dispersal = movement away from area of origin X Darwin’s observation: rabbits do not occur in Australia. Darwin’s hypothesis: Abiotic & biotic factors do not prevent their occurrence but instead it is because: A. they didn’t evolve there B. they didn’t disperse there 18 History and Dispersal A test of Darwin’s hypothesis Introduced species: the rabbit. 24 Released for hunting in Australia ca. 1859. Population grew to 2 million in 10 yrs. Myxoma virus (1950) • Myxoma virus, introduced in 1950 • Spread by mosquitoes • Killed 99.8% of infected rabbits 19 Dispersal can affect distribution Natural range expansion of Cattle egrets • Native to southern Spain and Portugal and a few other areas in Africa and Asia • Spread to S. Africa in early 1900s • Spread to S. America in late 1800s • Arrived in Florida in 1940s Figure 52.19 (Campbell 9th ed) 23 Dispersal by humans Introduced species: red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta). Accidentally introduced from S.A. (ca. 1930) to Alabama Native Distribution http://www.ars.usda....
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