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Different places or at different times overlapping

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Unformatted text preview: erent places, or at different times. Overlapping resource = food and space Partitioned resource = space Figure 54.2 (Campbell 9th ed) 13 Resource partitioning may limit a species’ access to desired resources Ecological niche - total of a species’ use of biotic and abiotic resources Fundamental niche The resources a species CAN use Realized niche The resources a species DOES use Niche overlap led to resource partitioning Figure 54.3 (Campbell 9th ed) 16 Evolutionary outcomes of competitive exclusion principle Character Displacement Characteristics diverge in co-occurring populations as compared to lone populations Figure 54.4 (Campbell 9th ed) Predation ( +/-) 18 Predation - one species kills and eats the other species Predator Adaptations Claws Fangs Acute senses (binocular vision) 19 Prey adaptations to avoid predation Morphological, chemical and behavioral adaptations 20 Prey adaptations to avoid predation Cryptic coloration Aposematic coloration Figure 54.5 (Campbell 9th ed) Müllerian Mimicry Noxious spp resemble each other Batesian Mimicry Harmless spp resembles harmful one Herbivory (+/-) 22 Eating parts of a plant or algal species which reduces its survival probability or reproductive output Plant adaptations to reduce herbivory Distasteful Mechanical Chemicals Toxins e.g. Thorns Affect digestion (e.g....
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