Ch 54 - community ecology (1 slide per page)

G thorns affect digestion eg tannins eg nicotine or

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Unformatted text preview: tannins) (e.g. nicotine or caffeine ) 24 Parasitism ( + / -) Parasite – an organism living within or on another organism that decreases the host survival or reproduction Endoparasites Ectoparasites 26 Mutualsim ( + / +) Two individuals of different species exist in a relationship which benefits the survival and/or reproduction of both individuals Facultative mutualism – both spp can survive alone but do better together Ants protect acacia in return for sugar / protein 27 Mutualsim ( + / +) Facultative mutualism – both spp can survive alone but do better together Anemone protects clownfish in return for food 28 Mutualsim ( + / +) Obligate mutualism – at least one spp cannot survive w/o the other Insect pollinates plant 31 Community Structure Species Diversity The variety of different kinds of organisms in a community Determined based on 2 components Spp diversity = spp richness + relative abundance Species richness = # of different species Relative abundance = proportion of each spp Figure 54.10 (Campbell 9th ed) 32 Community Structure Trophic structure - Feeding relationships btwn organisms Food chains distinguish trophic levels Food webs show links btwn food chains 34 Important Species in Community Dominant Species Most abundant or have highest biomass Keystone Species Exert strong community control by their ecological roles Figure 54.17 (Campbell 9th ed) 35 Keystone Species Elimination of a keystone species dramatically affects survival of many other species Otter hunting 1870-1905 Figure 54.18 (Campbell 9th ed) 36 Keystone Species Gopher Tortoise 37 • • • • • • • • SKIP Figure 54.3 (1196) Commensalism and Facilitation (1199-1200) Shannon Diversity (1200) Figure 54.11 (1201) Diversity and Community Stability (1201-1202) Trophic Structure and Figure 54.13-54.16(1202-1204) Bottom-up and Top-down Controls (1206) Sections 54.3, 54.4 and 54.5 (1207-1215)...
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