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Unformatted text preview: iting within 60 days They must respond within 30 days Credit card company has 90 days to resolve the problem or tell you why they think the bill is correct Won’t affect your credit rating while in dispute You can withhold payment on shoddy goods if you have paid for them with a credit card 38 Complaining About Consumer Credit First try to solve the problem directly with the creditor If that does not work there are more formal complaint procedures There are a variety of consumer credit protection laws and federal agencies who administer and assist with complaint procedures 39 Truth In Lending Rights The Truth In Lending Act requires creditors to provide you with accurate and complete credit costs and terms (APR) Creditors must disclose credit terms and information... In a clear and conspicuous manner In a form you can keep 40 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Collection agencies... Can’t be abusive or threaten Can’t call you at work if you say not to Can’t tell boss and friends Can’t call you at odd hours Must...
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