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Unformatted text preview: nies Be flexible in your choice of location 15 Internships Improve Your Chances of Landing a Job Recent college students getting a job: 42% who got an offer had an internship vs. 30% for students who did not have an internship Average starting salary with internship experience: $42,000 vs. $30,000 for no internship experience Source: CBS News 16 Applying for Employment Be truthful on the application Most employers will: Review your credit report Obtain an official transcript Check your references Look at your social media postings Do a criminal records search 17 Your Resume The personal data section The career objective section The education section The experience sections The related information section The references section Provided on request Prep your references! Cover letter/email 18 Your Resume & Grades How important are grades to prospective employers relative to: Experience?? Personality?? How important are grades for graduate school?? A A A 19 Grades Good grades improve your chances of getting a job in a competitive market AND give you more options (like graduate school) A A A 20 Three Types of Resumes Chronological Focuses on experience in reverse order Functional Focuses on your skills Targeted Modified for a specific position 21 Successful Interviewing Prepare for the Interview Review annual reports/web sites Internet searches, press releases Observations during visits Prepare intelligent questions Practice interview skills 22 Successful Interviewing During the interview Dress appropriately Arrive early Answer questions clearly Be yourself Communicate enthusiasm After the interview Write a follow­up letter/email Evaluate y...
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