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Unformatted text preview: t necessarily make good managers 8 Personal Factors Affecting Career Selection Aptitudes ­ what natural abilities, such as physical dexterity, do you possess? Meyers­Briggs test available at UCF Interests inventories ­ help you determine what you enjoy Find a career that makes you happy 9 Stages of Career Planning and Advancement Stages of Career Planning and Advancement 10 11 Occupations with the Most Job Openings through 2018 Graduate Degree Jobs per College Board.com Post secondary teachers 553,000 Doctors & surgeons 261,000 Lawyers 240,000 Clergy 218,000 Pharmacists 106,000 Education, vocational & 94,000 school counselors Physical therapists 79,000 Medical scientists 66,000 Mental health & substance 61,000 abuse social workers Instructional coordinators 61,000 12 Occupations with the Most Job Openings through 2018 Bachelor Degree Jobs per College Board.com Elementary school teachers 597,000 Accountants & auditors 498,000 Secondary school teachers 412,000 Middle school teachers 251,000 Computer systems analysts 223,000 Computer software engineer, 218,000 applications Network systems/data 208,000 communications analysts Computer software engineer, 153,000 system software Construction manager 138,000 Market research analysts 137,000 13 And the Winners Are… Education Information technology Health care Many of today’s jobs are new and were not even around 10 years ago, such as social media strategists 14 Stages of Career Planning, Advancement, and Career Changes Start working on your resume NOW, not when you start to apply for jobs Internship, part­time jobs UCF job fairs Does past experience relate to the job? Is your email address professional? Learn from the best compa...
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