Many americans are not business many literate

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Unformatted text preview: nsumers Offering don’t understand Financial Turmoil Market losses, frauds 11 Why Personal Finance? Many Americans Are Not Business Many Literate Literate Like It or Not, You Are a Business!!!! Like You Lifetime earnings $3 million + Business principles are the same for Business corporations and individuals Money isn’t the key to happiness, but it Money can be the source of major problems in life life 12 A Key Formula to Financial Success Revenues > Expense = Success Revenues Success Expenses > Revenues = Financial Crisis Expenses Financial Our economy encourages spending, so the providers of Our encourages goods and services can be financially successful goods 13 You Are A Business!!! Business Individual Business Strategy Career Selection Mergers Marriage Financing Factories Mortgages, Car Financing Mortgages, Notes Notes Expansions Expansions Risk Management Buying Insurance Capital Investments Buying Houses, Buying Cars; Investments Cars; Procurement Daily Spending Corporate Tax Individual Tax Contingency Plans Retirement, Estates 14 Money Attitudes Attitudes On Money Are Influenced By Attitudes Our Background & Emotions Our Rich or poor Secure or insecure How much (or little) money our friends had Allowances Houses, cars, clothes Borrowing money 15 Personal Finance & Investments Why do so many people have problems...
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