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Expectations 47 reminder bring your hp 10bii

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Unformatted text preview: ssues on Confuse financial planning with investing or tax Confuse planning planning Neglect to reevaluate financial “plant” Think planning is for the wealthy, or older people, Think or only for retirement or Wait for a crisis before planning Having unrealistic investment expectations 47 Reminder Bring your HP 10BII+ calculator to every Bring class starting with our next meeting! class Also you can explore how the calculator works Also with a demo under the time value of money module module 48 Personal Finance Summary A Course That Will Show You How To: Be responsible to your family Develop financial security Build your net worth over a lifetime (some tactics Build are virtually risk free) are Become a valuable employee and educated citizen Assist you & your parents in their retirement and Assist estate planning estate Gain confidence in dealing with Corporate America Gain and to recognize when you need help and To know what you know AND know what you don’t To know! know! 49 CHAPTER 1 Personal Finance and Investments FIN 2100 An Introduction Paul P. Gregg MSA CPA 50...
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