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January 23, 2006 Life cycles: Asexual (absolutely necessary) and Sexual reproduction (must-have) Asexual Reproduction: ProkaryoteS reproduce via binary fission Eukaryotes reproduce via mitosis …differentiation NO MEIOSIS Grass Slide o Ramet – iterated structure o Genet – Sum of all ramets o Examples: grass, aspen trees, etc. Why Asexual Reproduction Matters: o Rapid Population Expansion Asexual: Start with one cell, and by the end of 4 gens, you have 8. Sexual: Start with 1F 1F, 1M, but male can’t produce, so if this pattern continues, you only have 1 female after 4 gens.
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Unformatted text preview: • Results of Asexual Reproduction: o Colonies (all the ramets stay connected) Examples: protists, plants, animals, fungi. (usually sessile) o Clone (the ramets don’t stay connected) i.e. anemone. Sexual Reproduction: • Always has Meiosis and Fertilization • Always has a diploid stage • Diploid (2n) meiosis haploid (n) Fertilization Diplod (2n) • Why is matters o Lotsa genetic variability. o Resistance to external perturbations (i.e. environmental changes) First Lab Reading: p. 177-190...
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