E haplohaplosufficient a is considered dominant over

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Unformatted text preview: Dosage on Enzyme/Product Conc. Effects Hypothetical Threshold for Normal Phenotype Hypothetical Phenotype Phenotype proportional proportional to conc. of enzyme product product 0 Enzyme Concentration Enzyme A- AB- B02/12/14 A- A+ B- B+ A+A+ B+B+ BIS101­001, Spring 2013—Genes and Gene Expression, R.L. Rodriguez ©2013 BIS101­001, Spring 2013—Genes and Gene Expression, R.L. Rodriguez 23 Molecular Basis of Dominance ­ When the amount of enzyme produced by the When heterozygote (A+A-) is sufficient enough to generate heterozygote adequate levels of enzyme product for normal function or the normal phenotype (i.e., haplohaplosufficient), A+ is considered dominant over A- and A), dominant is considered recessive to A+. recessive ­ When the amount of product made by the B-B+ When heterozygote is not sufficient to achieve the threshold level (i.e., haploinsufficient), the defect B- is haploinsufficient), dominant to B+ and B+ is considered recessive to B-. ­ In the case of A-A+, the wild type allele (A+) iis s In dominant over the defect...
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