Dependent the hydrolysis of atp by rho the may help

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Unformatted text preview: either with the This help of a protein called "rho" (ρ ), or in a help ), rho-independent fashion. rho-independent In the latter case, intramolecular In complementarity (an inverted-repeat inverted-repeat sequence or palindrome) iin the DNA palindrome n produces a hair-pin loop in the RNA. The DNA/RNA hybrid at the end of this The palindrome consists of a series of U=A base pairs, which are the most unstable (lowest -∆ G value) of all possible base pair value) combinations. The weakness of these bonds causes the The RNA to dissociate from the DNA and pull out BIS101­001, Spring 2013—Genes and Gene Expression, R.L. Rodriguez ©2013 BIS101­001, Spring 2013—Genes and Gene Expression, R.L. Rodriguez of the RNAP-DNA complex. 26 Rho-dependent Termination Rho-dependent termination Rho-dependent involves the binding of rho protein to the rho utili...
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