2real estate assets 3imports short run rrforeigner

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Unformatted text preview: .real estate assets. 3.imports short-run, r(rforeigner more likely to put money in r bankbuy currencydemandER) medium-run, growth of country long run, purchases power parity flexable, appreciation, depreciation fixed, revaluation, devaluation balance of payment deficit, buy own currency, (1.control its inflation rate. 2.invite foreign investment) balance of payment surpluse, print money sell, (increase exports, decrease imports) ERexport,importNXAD ERprice of foreign importscost of prodectionAS GrER keynesians. nonkeynesions. active fiscal monetarism-monetary monetary policy supply-sider fiscial AS positive slop AS vertival crowding in crowding out discretionary rule based long run we dead self-correction big government small government...
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