Discussion - 3. Evolution Introduction

The journey home darwin observed that characteristics

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Unformatted text preview: me Darwin Observed that characteristics Darwin of many plants and animals vary greatly among the islands greatly Hypothesis: Separate species may have arose from an original ancestor have Ideas that shaped Darwin’s Thinking James Hutton: 1795 Theory of 1795 Geological change Geological Forces change Forces earth’s surface shape shape Changes are slow Earth much older Earth than thousands of years years Ideas that Shaped Darwin’s Thinking Charles Lyell: Book: Principles of Geography Geography The earth was shaped The by the same processes still in operation today still Lamarck’s Theory of Evolution Tendency toward perfection (giraffe necks) Use and disuse (bird’s using forearms) Inheritance of acquired traits Population Growth Thomas Malthus19th century English 19th economist economist If population grew If Insufficient living Insufficient space space Food runs out Darwin applied this Darwin theory to animals theory Publication of Orgin of Species Russel Wallace wrote Russel...
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