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Unformatted text preview: ink = Temp->fLink; Temp->MPGbLink = Temp->bLink; } while (Temp != MPGlast) The linked list is now set and ready to be sorted with respect to MPG in descending order. Sorting an existing liked list: Interestingly, sorting function for the MPG linked list takes some thinking. I suggest the following code but expecting perhaps more efficient or at least shorter code from you. // Sort the list with respect to decreasing MPG. tEmp = MPGfirst; while ((tEmp->MPGfLink != MPGlast)&&(tEmp->MPGfLink != NULL)) { Temp = tEmp->MPGfLink; While ((tEmp->MPG >= Temp->MPG)&&(Temp->MPGfLink != NULL)) Temp = Temp->MPGfLink; // Eight pointers need to be adjusted. tEmp->MPGbLink->MPGfLink = Temp; Temp->MPGbLink->MPGfLink = tEmp; tEmp->MPGfLink->MPGbLink = Temp; Temp->MPGfLink->MPGbLink = tEmp; // Swapping the pointers // Storing the links teMp = tEmp->MPGfLink; temP = tEmp->MPGbLink; tEmp->MPGfLink = Temp->MPGfLink; tEmp->MPGbLink = Temp->MPGbLink; Temp->MPGfLink = teMp; Temp->MPGbLink = temP; tEmp = teMp; } // Move on to next...
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