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Unformatted text preview: vorite part of the video and why? This vedio is very interesting. Each part talks about one technology. My favorite part is the first one. When I was young, I watched many movies about agent story. When the spies try to steal intelligence from other countries, they will use the computer technologies as a hacker, and make the national web crashed to get more time for escaping. It's really cool, but I thought it was difficult and far away from me. However, after I watched the vedio, I just found that the plot in the movie is very realistic. And the technology is not as difficult as I tought before. I can know it well. It makes me feel more interesting about computer technology. 4. What critique do you have of the video and why? It's an amazing vedio for us to introduce the advanced technologies. I can learn much from the vedio, like "photosynth". I did not know this before, and it's the first time I know that we can use the photo to return the things. We can know how do other people take the picture. Also it makes me feel very close to these tchnologies. Maybe one day, I also need them to contribute with my wok. But each part has no relationship with others. If they could link them up, The vedio will be more funny. For instance, they can make a specific theme for each vedio. All the parts are consistent with the theme. 5. How do you feel that this video relates to themes with Informatics and Computing? The vedio introduces some Informatics and Comouting technology. The hacker technology used in attacking the Estonian ATM's, wbsites, and news sites is belong to informatics. Hackers use the DDos to crash the national security. The photosynth is a new technology was created by someone. Thus, it is belong to the computer science. And all of the rest are the examples of Informatics and Computing. The vedio shows the specific instances for Informatics and Computing. And told us, those are very close to our daily lifes....
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