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0 opting for email over face to face continued e over

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Unformatted text preview: our traditional methods of communication are constantly being complimented by new communication methods. Text message Face-to-Face 100% 0% 100% E-mail 80% Telephone - mobile 60% 40% 5 0% 4 Is our digital life a social life? 0% fa ho ne E toce Face - face OT m Te nl ele Te - m a E-mail le ine ph xt ob il ph i o m i l on nTelephone s mobile st ne e - s e e an - l ag - o t an e md ve Text message r t ess lin Telephone - a e he landline g O In ing nl te Online instant messaging Pe ine rne rs o t Telephone - over thefInternet o N na rum ot Onlinel forums Re blo le g Personal blog va nt Not Relevant o-t ce Fa ep Te l 40% Face to face 20% Aware of and view or of e-mail Aware but never used Not our Aware One of aware propositions so Comparisoncontribute content andofface-to-face Aware of but never used ofof and view or contribute content far has Not communication aware of friends with been that the increase in the time we (5 countries where email was used as much as spend online is due to having more of face-to-face for communicating with friends) a social life on the internet. So, is our digital life really a social life? 0% 3 1 0% e 10% 8 Not Relevant Overall Korea France China Norway UK Canada Germany Australia Sweden Japan USA Denmark Netherlands Spain Finland Italy 0% 100% 30% How is the internet affecting 20% real life decisions? 20% 17 7 O Not aware of 60% Telephone - mobile 60% 1 64 40% 21 Face to face 40% 0 43 40% 4.6 72 57 50% ve ra C ll hi n Ja a pa n Ko G re er a m D an en y m a C rk an ad a U K I Au taly st ra20% 0% lia U Sw SA ed e Fr n an Face to face ce N Fin E-mail et la he nd rla Telephone - mobile nd s Sp Text message a N in or Telephone - landline w ay Online instant messaging 20% Advertising 60% How digital 2.0 are we? 4.8 41 40% TV reviews 64 51 5.3 Sales assistant/expert 40% 5.4 73 80% 66 70% 5.8 62 Work colleagues Aware of and view or contribute content O ve ra C ll hi Ja na pa Ko n Fr rea an c 6.4 68 Opinion on a spet forum 60% 80% 6.6 82 80% 80% Friends 78 77 Consumer reviews online How much would n for your personal a A more digital life 60% 84 80% Overall China France Italy Sweden Finland UK Germany Spain Australia Netherlands Canada Norway Korea USA Denmark Japan 0% 100% 40% Not aware of Partner: 100% On a scale of 1-10 how in uential are other views on decisions you make about products and brands? 1 = not at all in uential, 10 = highly in uential 20% 100% Family: ve r rm l an 0% y U Ja K pa n Face toKo face D r Aware of but never used A world more connected Methods of communicating with friends Friends: G 100% 0 0 Not Relevant l ea Aware of and view or contribute content 80% 1 10 O Personal blog 60% 0% 100% 40% 10% 80% 20% 2 Digital World, Digital Life 20 Is our digital life a social life? China Korea Italy Spain Japan Australia Germany France Canada Norway Sweden UK USA Finland Netherlands Denmark 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Yes No (I don’t communicate with people I don’t know) 30 G 20% 0% Overall China Korea Japan France Spain Italy Sweden Finland USA Canada Australia UK Norway Denmark Netherlands Germany 0% 0% 10% 20% 30 O ve ra C ll hi Fa Ja na ce Te pa -t le on ph Ko f Gr on er ea...
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