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Unformatted text preview: ia 40 to-face and mobile phone. So how do people think the internet 40% 40% 40% Germany Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden 0% 0%0% 4 4 4 ‘friends’ – a word in itselfSweden France Finland Finland Japan Japan Japan How is the internet affecting Canada If you aren’t yet convinced about the has changed their social habits? 40 40 40 USA USA USA USAUSA Mobile 30% 30% 30% Norway With these new modes of Canada Canada Denmark Denmark Denmark that has become completely 3 3 3 Australia Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands digital and social life interaction, maybe real life Australia decisions? Sweden 21 21 21Almost a third of people think they UK UK UK Spain 30 30 30 Spain Spain communication, and their popularity, 20% redefined by 2Web 2.0.Finland Finland 20% 20% Norway Norway Finland USA this final set of statistics 260% it for you. will do speak on the phone less because of 2 0% 20% 40% 80% 100% Denmark Denmark Italy ItalyItaly Finland our social lives have to some degree Netherlands 100% 100% Netherlands Netherlands 20 20 20 20% 0% 0% 0% 20%20% Collectively, we claim that over a third of the40%40%40% 60%60%60% 80%80%80% 100% interaction they have online. Almost Germany Germany 10% 10% Denmark Andrew Mairon, TNS Global 1 1 1 become digital lives. But can we also 10% 0% 40% Not Not aware and view or view or contribute 60% used 0% 40% 60% Aware of viewview or contribute content Aware ofnever usedused Aware ofAware of andcontribute content contentAware ofAware of but never used 20% and and or view or contribute but but never Aware ofnever usedused aware 80%view or 100% contribute content 20% never of of and Aware ofAware of butaware Aware of ofof andcontribute content content but but never Not ofAware Aware 0% 20% 40% interact with sociallyweek 1 in 5 10 claim to go out less often owing At least once a day 6 days a week all the people a week 5 days we 10 4 days a 3 days a 10 Interactive week Yes don Is our digital view or contribute content No (IAwa say that our digital lives are social lives? Not Not aware of Not aware ofaware of Aware of and view or contribute content Aware of but never used Aware of and life a 0% 0% 0% with peop 0 0 0 are friends thatoftenengage with solely to their online interaction. But a quarter 2 days a week Once a week Less we Not aware of Not aware of 0 0 0 social life? of us say we interact with friends more Methods of communicating with Family, Partner and Parents – (all countries) often and a similarOverall number say they Overall China China make new friends France often. more and activities France Family: Family: Family: Italy Italy Family Partner Parents Partner: Parents: Partner: Partner: Parents:Parents: In conclusion Sweden Sweden The same was found in Finland 31 30 (89% vs. 84%) and in China (82% vs. 29 29 78%). Mobile phones and face-to28 28 face are equal in their importance for 28 communicating with friends in Italy (78 vs. 77%) and Norway (88 vs. 88%). 3 2 1 0 O in nI rn POnsionntorueg e N r l e er m Peosio eaflobnet t nn N rs Re forlum t o o al r og nl N t R alebum ot e...
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