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Is our digital life a social life in conclusion so few

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Unformatted text preview: say, they use the internet as a source of information and more than 3 in 5 specifically research a product or service prior to purchasing. The internet’s importance in purchasing is already clear. Looking in more detail at particular purchases, (both online and offline) and the relative contribution of the internet to the process we see that: • Of those who had bought a holiday in the previous 4 weeks, 86% thought the internet played a crucial or important role in the process. • More than three quarters of those who had bought a PC stated the internet was similarly important. Only 7% said they didn’t use the internet at all in the process. • The Chinese continue to stand out in their internet use and behaviour. No less than 99% of our Chinese respondents said the internet played a role in their purchase of a PC and 98% a role in the purchase of a mobile phone. In general, they appear to utilise the internet in their purchases more than any other nation that we surveyed. continued… page 9 previous page next page Digital World, Digital Life Our survey drilled down to specific ways people used the internet when making purchases. Did they simply execute the purchase online? Or did they compare prices or do other research? Buying – Almost half of our respondents actually made their purchase online. Concert tickets were bought by 85% and holidays by 71% of respondents in the survey across all countries. Comparing – Many people are now comparing prices online prior to their purchases. We found that almost three quarters (73%) of all respondents compared prices on white goods and well over two thirds compared prices on mobile phones, cars and televisions/DVD players. Researching – In the age of social networks and increased online engagement with peers and reviewers, it is surprising that as many people (approximately 1 in 10) discussed their purchases with others as sought professional advice. Well over half of all respondents across all product categories researched online the product that they eventually bought. In particular, eight out of ten car buyers (85%) did their research online as well as three quarters (75%) of PC purchasers. Happy Shoppers – We found that over three quarters (77%) of our respondents, who had shopped online in the past year, were very satisfied (rating 8 to 10 out of 10) with their online shopping experience. The proportion of happy online shoppers was even higher in Germany (89%), Denmark (87%) and Finland (86%). Thinking about the process you went through when you dealt with this event, how important a role did the Internet play when you...* Percentage who said the internet played a ‘crucial’ or ‘important’ role bought a holiday 87% bought a PC 80% made a major investment or a financial decision A world more connected 73% bought theatre and/or concert tickets 71% took additional education or training for your career 69% bought a household good e.g. fridge or washing machine 67% bought a mobile phone 66% bought a TV and/or DVD player 66% A more digital lif...
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