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Unformatted text preview: % 4.6 Advertising 34 34 34 30% Italy 4 5 6 7 8 0 1 2 3 Sweden 20% Finland 19 19 20% 20%20% USA15 15 15 Canada 11 11 11 10% Australia 54 4 444 3 3 3 0% UK 0% 0% 0% Norway Denmark Netherlands Germany 0% 20% 60% TV 43 43 43 reviews 21 21 21 Overall Work 62 62 62colleagues 80% Face-to-Face Face-to-Face Face-to-Face Finland Do you have friends and contacts Internet affect your daily routine and activities the Internet affect your daily routine and activities How much would not having the Germany Germany Spain Spain for your personal activities? in Ja a pa n Ko G re er a m D an en y m a C rk an ad a U K I Au taly Personal blog st Not Relevant ra20% 0% 40% lia Not Relevant 0% 40% U 20% Fa SA Sw 20% ce 0% 40% Te ed -t le o to e ph Face -f face Fr n ac on O anc e Face to face e E-E-mail ve e OT F - m ma Te nl ele Te Face to face Ne inl ral il th C an l px le ine Telephone -oE-mail bi er hi d ph i ho t m mobile le E-mail la n ne es on ns Text messaging Telephone - mobile Janda e tan - l sag ps -Telephonea- mobile Sp an t mmessaging e ov Text landline Telephone - nd a er es lin N Kor in Text messaging G or e th messaging Telephone sa e er w a Online instant e - landline gi m ay ng O I- landline Telephone n D an Online - over messaging n Internet en y Telephone instantlthe te Pe ine rne m Online instant messaging a Telephone - oversthe foforum Internet rOnline t C rk on ru an N Telephone - over theaInternet m ad ot l forum Online Personal blog a Re blo Online forum Personal blog le Ovg U Not Relevant K e G v blog Personalan ra er t I Not Relevant ll Au taly m0% 20% 40% an st Not Relevant ra20% 0% 40% y lia U 0% 40% U 20% Ja K Fa SA Sw p ce Te ed Face to face n -t K a le e oo ph Face -f face Fr n Dto re E-mail eac a a on O nc e Etonface m Face e F ve e O T Telephone - -E-mail m Fra a Te nl ele Te - m mobilerk Net inlaral he C ndl ail E-mail p xt le ine Telephone -omobile ph i hText m bi nc rlahi o messaging le nn on ns ne e-smobile e Telephone Ja da taText -messaging sC s e Telephone l- landline Sag hin p Sp a nt a w - o Text messaging a e n an ve mmessaging Telephone - dl ed N Ko in Online instant es landline or r Nine e rt G we o Telephone -slandline n er aa h messaging Online - over the ag rw my Telephone instante I internet O n in a D an Online instantNe te g y messaging nlthe internet en y Telephone - over in t r U Pe Online forum m e hene S a Telephone - oversthe fo r t A internet rOnline forum C rk on A r lan an NPersonalublog ad ot al usm ds Online forum Personal blog a bl tr Not Relevant Re Oo a Personal blogi le i vg l U Not Relevant a G Fanera K v 0% 20% 40% er nla I Not Relevant ll mt nd Au taly 20% 40% an I0% st ta y ra20% 0% 40% lia Sp Uly OK U CJapain Sw SA anOver a O ed adn Ko ve all ve e O D C reara en avea ll Fra n Overall nc O r m a C anaral Ov Fr ank dalNe Finl e C ver ll C r a 0 th 10 an al 30 40 an an d 20 l ac Overa ne a erla d Ca ad a C Ch da Overall C n Cn a i er ll an Sw hCnhaina S ds anada pa a all Ca ad e C in Fi Cd e CanadaNoFdnhaina Nor in hina w Ca na a Crhinln na wd ay h a N d F inla C in 40% 40%40% 40% 40% Magazine reviews 51 51 51 Sales assistant/expert 4.2 4.3 40% 5.6 6 60% 60% 60% 64 Work colleagues 64 64 60% 60%60% 100% 100% Opinion on a spet forum Friends 80% 80%80% 6.4 Consumer reviews online 72 72 72 5.8 Opinion on a spet forum 80% 80% 7 100% 100% 8 6.6 Friends 82 82 82 80% 80%80% 68 68 68 Consumer reviews online 80% 80% 80% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% On a sca...
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