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Our highest ranking classic leisure activity 51

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Unformatted text preview: Sweden Japan USA Denmark Netherlands Spain Finland Italy 0% O ve er rall m an y U Ja K pa Kn D ore en a m Fr ark an c Ce Sw hin ea N de or n w a N et U y he S rla A Au nd st s r Fi alia nl an d Ita Sp ly C ain an ad a 50% 0% 0% ce Te le ph o Fa watched a video clip 4 A more digital life Not Relevant O ve ra C ll hi n Ja a pa n Ko G re er a m D an en y m a C rk an ad a U K I Au taly st ra lia U Sw SA ed e Fr n an ce N Fin et la he nd rla nd s Sp a N in or w ay 10% paid bills 51% In addition to these descriptions we can say that: N et he 20% -t ofa ne E ce O Te T - -m Te nl le e m a le ine ph xt ob il ph i o m i on ns ne es le e tan - l sag - o t an e ve me dl r t ss ine he ag O In ing nl te Pe ine rne rs fo t o N na rum ot l Re blo le g va nt 56% 100% 39 38 30% visited a brand or product website 20% Aware of and view or contribute co Personal blog 61% 51 52 40% 4.6 Advertising 56 55 54 54 42 42 65% TV reviews looked up the weather4.8 63% 58 50% 5.3 Sales assistant/expert 59 57 A world more connected 40 used online banking 5.4 Magazine reviews 63 30 74% 60% 5.6 64 20 looked up the news Work colleagues 66 10 76% G e 73 70% 5.8 Opinion on a spet forum F O N N et h S A C used a search engine to find6.4 information Consumer reviews online In addition to communication, people see the internet as a source of information – again, not a big surprise. The notion of the internet as ‘an encyclopaedia of information’ is also one that resonates with many people – with almost a half of all people describing it in this way and 39% defining it as a source of news. A quarter of the respondents view it as a ‘playground’ for having fun 80% 6.6 Friends 81% Sweden Finland UK Germany Spain Australia Netherlands Canada Norway Korea USA Denmark Japan 0% Percentage who have bought or ordered goods How much would not having or services onactivities? the Internet affect your daily routine and activities the Internet in the last month for your personal The top 10 things people you make done on the On a scale of 1-10 how in uential are other views on decisionshaveabout products and brands? 1 = not at all in uential, 10 = highly in uential internet in the last month (all countries) Predominantly, people see the internet as a medium for sending and receiving messages. Over half of all people throughout the survey describe it in this way. Email has historically been the ‘killer app’ of the internet and the main reason for people to get connected. This is clearly still the case, although we can now include the new communication channels possible through networking and community websites. Where email started (and continues), other ‘message’ formats are following and making communication the major function attributed to internet use. Two in five people see the internet as an ‘essential’ tool when working or studying D G To try and show why the internet is perceived to be so important we should look to how people view it – what are the descriptions they use to represent the internet? Overall China France Digital World, Digital Life Italy page 5 previous page next page...
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