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Unformatted text preview: n ad a ra ve C Ov er all Ca na da Fi n C lan na C da ra an a C ve O Online instant messaging Telephone - over the internet Text messaging Telephone - mobile 0% E-mail O 2 ll 1 Not Relevant Online forum Personal blog Online instant messaging Telephone - over the Internet Text messaging Telephone - landline E-mail Telephone - mobile 10 4 Face to face 3 0% Face to face 11 7 0% 4 20% 20% 20% 11 23 0% 19 15 0% ll 26 20% 40% hi 40% 40% Online forum 34 20% 60% 20% 39 40% 40% 41 40% 60 57 60% 60% 60% 60% 60% Telephone - landline 80% 80% 100% 100% 62 Not Relevant Online forum Personal blog Online instant messaging Telephone - over the Internet Text message Telephone - landline Telephone - mobile E-mail Face to face 0% Not Relevant Personal blog Online forums Online instant messaging Telephone - over the Internet Telephone - landline Text message Telephone - mobile E-mail Face to face With so many people seeing the internet as a communication and information tool, a more detailed 0% look at behaviour is required to really appreciate what people are doing. Interestingly, in terms of specific activities people engage in online, we found that communication through social networks, communities and chatrooms is comparatively low. The focus is very much on finding information and undertaking everyday ‘chores’. 25 Our leisure time is also enriched through the ability to 18 18 20% shop online and find information that makes shopping 17 offline – in the real world – easier. As 57% of those people online have actually purchased something 3 5 1 0% on the internet in the last 4 weeks it appears that both confidence and adoption are high. In addition, 28% have made purchases as a result of finding information on the internet in the last 4 weeks. Is the internet saving us time and giving us more choice as to how we spend the rest of our time? Parents: 100% 80% 100% Partner: 20% …but 25% see the internet as a market place for 20% buying and selling Sw Is our digital life a social life? 40% Only 6% see it as a commercial vehicle that provides space for companies and products to 40% promote themselves Au D e G Taking the top 5 activities that people undertake while online, 3 are related to information gathering (looking up news and weather, and using search Family: engines to Friends: find information). These activities – along with use of 100% online banking and researching a product or service – are all by definition very practical. This then bears 82 out the proposition we made earlier 68 being online that 80% 78 77 helps people to make the most of their remaining leisure time by fulfilling certain tasks quickly and 64 62 60% 58 efficiently. Our highest ranking classic leisure activity 51 – ‘watching a video clip’ – only comes in at number 43 8, with 1 41 2 people saying they have done this in the in 21 40% past month. 60% 60% How is the internet affecting 20% real life decisions?of and view or contribute co Aware Not awa 80% 80% C listened to an audio clip 100% 84 How digital 2.0 are we? 0 44% Not aw Overall Korea France China Norway UK Canada Germany Australia...
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