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Unformatted text preview: le of 1-10 how in uential are other views on decisions you make On a scale of 1-10 how in uential are other views on decisions would not havingof 1-10 how in uential are other daily on decisions you make about about On a How much you make about scale the Internet affect your views routine and activities How much would not having products and brands? 1 = not at all in uential, 10 = highly in uential products and brands? 1 = not at all in uential, 10 = your personal activities? products and brands? 1 = not at all in uential,for = highly in uential activities? 10 your personal for highly in uential 20% 40% page 12 60% Aware of but never used Aware of andAware ofcontribute content ofof andAwa view or but never used Not aware Aware vie previous page Not aware of next page In conclusion This report has uncovered some very interesting trends that go some way to explaining how and why people use the internet. The more collaborative and social web that we all hear about is a reality. We should not ignore the trends. People are using social media more and more. People are spending their leisure time online because it is fun and social. But there are practical dimensions to our digital lives. We still want to do our shopping and pay bills online in order that we can have more time to meet people face-to-face, talk on the phone (and probably watch TV!). It seems that overall we are using our leisure time more productively. We are now able to browse goods, read news and reviews and make quicker and more informed purchase decisions all within the comforts of our own homes. It is now the responsibility of organisations in the 21st century to respond to these fundamental changes in the way that we interact with each other online. TNS is constantly evolving and seeking to better understand these changes through the development of new technical solutions and new research analysis techniques which enable us to obtain and present to others a clear picture of our new digital world and our new digital life. Digital World, Digital Life Contact details General enquiries: Arno Hummerston, MD TNS Global Interactive, Press enquiries: Laura Cooper, PR Manager, About TNS TNS is a global market information and insight group. Its strategic goal is to be recognised as the global leader in delivering value-added information and insights that help its clients make more effective business decisions. TNS delivers innovative thinking and excellent service across a network of 80 countries. Working in partnership with clients, TNS provides highquality information, analysis and insight that improves understanding of consumer behaviour. TNS is the world’s leading provider of customised services, combining sector knowledge with expertise in the areas of Product Development & Innovation, Brand & Communications, Stakeholder Management and Retail & Shopper. TNS is a major supplier of consumer panel, media intelligence and audience...
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