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Unformatted text preview: t, demonstrated 19 20% by participation, is still in its infancy. 15 People are more 11 likely to view these sites than contribute to them. 5 4 4 However, for the networking sites, involvement and 3 0% posting are clearly the main objectives. 60% 100% 80% Engaging with social media has been the driver and the buzz phenomenon of the last couple of years. Many words have been used (Web Partner: 2.0, Social Networking, Communities etc) and many (completely different) definitions have 100% been put forward. Given the lack of clarity and the confusion, this whole space has been surprisingly popular. However, it is the basic 80% functionalities that have really been adopted 72 here – not the hype or latest web-babble. previous page next page Digital World, Digital Life Reflecting the high usage, opinions of social networking sites appear to be fairly positive. Over a third describe them as fun and over a quarter as ‘interesting’. However, these opinions are diversified across countries… 40% 60% 40% 80% 60% 100% 80% 100% ek 5 days a week 4 days a week 3 days a week ek ek 5 days a week Less often 4 days a week 3 days a week ek Less often • China considers social networking sites to be more dangerous, complicated and boring than any others. • Norway appears to have quite a frivolous attitude to them – with higher than average numbers thinking they are fun, while leading the nations in considering them a waste of time too! InvolvementFriends, Family, Partner, Parents – (All countries) in blogs (%) Friends, Family, Partner, Parents – (All countries) Overall China Overall Korea China Japan Korea France Japan Spain France Italy Spain Sweden Italy Finland Sweden USA Finland Canada USA Australia Canada UK Australia Norway UK Denmark Norway Netherlands Denmark Germany Netherlands Germany 0% China • After China, the US has the most negative opinion as Korea China Italy is plain from the below average numbers of positive Korea Spain Italy descriptions.Spain one fifth of those aware of these The Japan Australia Japan sites in the Germany US consider them to be dangerous and a Australia quarter thinkFrance are a waste of time. they Germany 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 60% 80% 100% Aware of but never used Aware of and view or contribute content Not aware of Aware of but never used with people I don’t know) the technological capabilities to create virtual worlds, it is Asia that is once again leading the adoption. Almost two thirds of Chinese and half of Koreans have participated in virtual worlds. Not aware of Involvement in forums (%) “ Social networking is perhaps the most noticeable sign of consumers’ daily digital lives. Its fun and social aspects are clearly visible through MySpace, Facebook, and Second Life. What is not easily apparent is the potential that this platform offers businesses for customer collaboration and co-creation of value. All indicators suggest that both consumers and businesses will continue to invest even greater energy in social media and social networkin...
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