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Original Paper Author: names I cant pronounce, Kuella is the principle investigator. Hypothesis: The mosquito can transmit the disease The root cause of malaria is: An organism called plasmodium (there are 4 species), a parasitic protozoan. How It works: In meiosis, it produces oocytes, which infect the blood stream and the mosquitoes that come and suck the human blood. The infected blood stream
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Unformatted text preview: infects and ruptures liver cells, where eats your hemoglobin. It then devides until it ruptures the liver cell. Now, it can go to more cells and do the same thing • This drives your immune system crazy, giving you a drastically high (i.e.106 degrees) fever, which can kill you. • Olfactometer used to measureodor preference of mosquittoes...
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