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Others in greek tragedy other an outsider someone

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Unformatted text preview: of her wits, and try to prevail on her with my words…’ 1059: ‘And you, if you have a mind to obey any of my orders, make no delay; but if you lack understanding and do not take in my words, then instead of speech make indicaNon with barbarian hand… II. ‘Others’ in Greek Tragedy •  ‘Other’: an outsider, someone perceived by dominant group as not belonging to that group •  SocieNes use perceived weaknesses of marginalized groups as a way of stressing the alleged virtues of those in power •  Dominant Social Group: Athenian ciNzen- male •  Athenian Others: Women, slaves, foreigners – those excluded from public life of Athens •  Others have voices in Greek Tragedy Aristotle 13 ‘Originally, the poets recounted any and every story, but nowadays the finest tragedies are composed about only a few families (οἰκίας), such as Alcmaeon, Oedipus, Orestes, M...
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