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And the penalty for daring what may not be dared has

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Unformatted text preview:   Fable of the Lion Cub: Helen, welcomed to Troy, becomes source of destruc>on •  Helen: Occasion and instrument of Zeus’ wrath – Fury comes to Troy Summary •  Great Wealth leads to insa>ability •  Insa>ability leads to arrogance •  Hubris gives birth to Hubris - - Paris: bride- theb leads to war - - Agamemnon: child- killing (Iphigenia) leads to mass slaughter •  Agamemnon and the Dyed Cloth - - Cloth represents unfailing wealth of the house - - Destruc>on of cloth causes resentment 369- 84: Dangers of Wealth ‘Men have said that the gods did not deign to adend to mortals by whom the grace of things inviolable was trampled; but such men are impious. And the penalty for daring what may not be dared has been revealed to the descendants of those whose pride is greater than is right, when their house abounds with wealth in excess, beyond what is best. May it be granted me to have good sense, so that the gods are content to leave me free from harm! For there is no defense for a man who in the surfeit of his wealth has kicked...
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