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It is the mighty zeus lord of host and guest that i

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Unformatted text preview: consequences of Paris’ seduc>on of Helen - - Agamemnon also ensnared in a net (by Clytemnestra) for slaughter of innocents Stasimon 1: The Net ‘…O Zeus the king of kindly Night, possessor of great glories, you who hurled upon the towers of Troy a net without holes, so that none full grown nor any of the young could overleap slavery’s mighty dragnet, of all- capturing destruc>on. It is the mighty Zeus, lord of host and guest, that I revere, he that has accomplished this; against Alexander long since he has been bending his bow so that neither short of the mark nor beyond it should the bolt of the stars fall vainly…’ Helen (Stasimon 2) •  Destruc>ve Marriage (713) – Marriage in Tragedy •  Helen is a symbol of wealth (739), possessed ...
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