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He liked analochus and was glad for him and the

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Unformatted text preview: ad; each has its own history •  Achilles’ ReintegraAon into community Chariot Race •  Apollo knocks lash out of Diomedes’ hands, Athena gets angry and makes Eumelus crash •  AnAlochus bends the rules, finishes ahead of Menelaus •  AnAlochus objects to Achilles’ plan to take his geras •  Achilles give Eumelus the corselet of Asteropaeus •  Menelaus and AnAlochus reconcile: AnAlochus acknowledges Menelaus’ superior status, Menelaus gives back the mule Achilles speaks to AnAochus And swid- footed, godlike Achilles smiled. He liked AnAlochus and was glad for him, and the onshore breeze carried his answer: ‘AnAlochus, if you want me to give Eumelus something else from my hut, I will do so. I’ll give him t...
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