Himself 2 troy 3 cosmic hierarchy accuses achilles of

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Unformatted text preview: • Lycaon pleads for mercy - - recently ransomed from Lemnos, back in baKle for one day - - Achilles’ response: Patroclus is dead, he was beKer than you BaKle With Skamander (Xanthos) Kills Asteropaeus Bodies clog river River gods in Epic = Forces of Disorder, chaos Skamander protecAng 1. himself 2. Troy 3. Cosmic Hierarchy (accuses Achilles of being a Theomachoi) •  Hephaestos’ Fire •  •  •  •  2. Funeral of Patroclos •  Patroclus’ ghost •  CremaAon; sacrifice of 12 youths •  Funeral Games - - independent evidence of games (vase- painAngs) - - commemoraAon of warriors - - Principle of Reciprocity - - Prizes: possessions of de...
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