267 boys will somesmes disturb a hornets nest by the

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Unformatted text preview: host...’ Similes •  Comparison of two fundamentally different things using ‘like’ or ‘as’ •  Slows narraSve, concentrates on event (‘tenor’) which is compared to a different phenomenon (‘vehicle’) •  Comparison pivots on a detail shared by the two frames A,ack of the Myrmidons (16.267) ‘...boys will someSmes disturb a hornets’ nest by the roadside, jabbing at it and infuriaSng the hive – the li,le fools – unSl the insects become a menace to all and a,ack any traveller who happens by, swarming out in defense of their brood...’ Patroclus kills Thestor (16.434- ‘Thestor, son of Enops, was next, crouching in his polished chariot basket…Patroclus eased up alongside him and sha,ered his right jaw with his spear, driving the point through his teeth, then, gripping the sha^, levered him up and over his chariot rail, the way a man si_ng on a ju_ng rock with a fishing rod flips a flounder that he has hooked out of the sea…’ Euphorbus dies (17.51- 6) ‘...a man has been rea...
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