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398 the two armies fought over achilles surrogateas a

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Unformatted text preview: ring an olive sapling in a lonely place, where it has enough water. It is beauSful and growing well, quivering in the breeze, its white buds blossoming. One day a storm comes with violent winds, tears it from its trench, and leaves it on the ground...’ FuncSon of Similes in Ba,le •  Break up ba,le- scenes •  DisSnguish individuals and their fates •  MarSal world compared to world of nature beyond the carnage •  CumulaSve effect: destrucSon, ugliness, and waste of ba,le contrasted with creaSve, producSve, harmonious aspects of natural world •  World of Similes is world which heroes give up by fighSng at Troy Fight for the corpse of Patroclus (17.398ff.) ‘…the two armies fought over Achilles’ surrogate…as a tanner gives his men an oxhide to stretch, having first drenched it in oil. They stand in a circle and pull at it unSl its moisture is squeezed out by all of their tugging and the oil has a chance to penetrate the ta...
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