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costumed masked actors all male aeschylus featured 2

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Unformatted text preview: awarded Form and Content •  Content: Heroic myth - epic cycle, Homer, divine myth •  Stories of ‘great families’ told in new ways and in new cultural (5th century) context •  Form: Direct Speech and acAon (episodes) broken up by choral song (parodos, stasima, exodus, etc.) •  Costumed, masked actors, all male •  Aeschylus featured 2 speaking actors onstage, which Sophocles increased to 3 •  First performance is ‘publicaAon’ II. Agamemnon Aeschylus •  First of the three canonical Athenian tragedians •  b. 525 in Eleusis (outside Athens), d. 456/5 in Sicily •  Upper class family •  Lived through: - - PeisistraAd tyranny, beginnings of democracy (c. 507) - - Persian invasions: Marathon (490), Salamis (480) •  Works: 90+ plays, first producAon in 499; only 7 extant plays Agamemnon •  1st play of Oresteia trilogy (458 BCE) about Agamemnon’s death, Orestes’ killing of Clytemnestra (Liba;on Bearers), and THE laZ...
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