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Prelude the just war in troy vulture simile atreids

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Unformatted text preview: er’s eventual acquiZal in Athenian court (Eumenides) •  Nostos plot: acAon is Agamemnon’s arrival and death in Argos •  Main Theme: JusAce and compeAng claims to JusAce in story of House of Atreus Prologue – The Watchman •  SeRng the scene at Argos - - 10 years sleeping on the roof of the palace, waiAng for the beacon from Troy •  Misfortunes of the house: would tell stories, secrets if it could •  Clytemnestra ruling Argos Parodos (entrance- song) of Argive Elders (chorus) •  Longest (and hardest) choral movement in extant tragedy •  Dense imagery, abrupt transiAons and shiks in thought 1.  Prelude: The Just War in Troy •  Vulture Simile: Atreids are wronged •  Vultures’ cries heard by gods, who sent an erinys (‘fury’) •  Atreids: from vicAms to avengers of Xenia and ‘Zeus Xenios’ (‘Zeus Protector of Suppliants’) •  Suffering ordained for both Trojans and Greeks Ode: Omen...
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