Savagery recklessness cicones 9 cyclops bag of winds

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Unformatted text preview: wild, savage, lawless? Who were friendly to strangers, god- fearing men?’ The Adventures (9- 12) •  Themes - - Folktale: monsters, disguise/recogniBon, tricks - - ExploraBon/Ethnography - - CivilizaBon vs. Savagery - - Recklessness: Cicones (9), Cyclops, Bag of Winds (10) II. Cave of the Cyclops •  ParadigmaBc episode of Civilized/Savage polarity in Greek thought (Culture/Nature) •  Codes of Savagery - - Geography: Margins - - Law/Society/Labor/Technology (techne): None - - Don’t believe in Xenia, gods - - Ignorance of Heroic Deeds - - Raw- eaBng Odysseus: Paradigm of Civilized •  Odyssean Heroism vs. Badlefield Heroism: killing the cyclops •  Relies...
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