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But down from a mountain swooped this great hooked

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Unformatted text preview: ood commentary will begin by (1) naming the speaker, literary work, and the immediate context of the quote (i.e., its place in the work as a whole), then (2) discuss its important themes and their significance in the larger context of the narra5ve, and finally (3) briefly relate some of the issues of the passage to those of other literary works of the course. [20 points possible] ‘…I keep twenty geese in the house, from the water- trough they come and peck their wheat – I love to watch them all. But down from a mountain swooped this great hooked- beak eagle, yes, and he snapped their necks and killed them one and all and they lay in heaps throughout the halls while he, back to the clear blue sky, soared at once…but I wept and wailed…but down he swooped again and se_ling onto a judng raeer c...
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